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Cirles and augmented reality to bring the songs to life

Today the broadcaster responsible for the staging of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, TVP have unveiled the stage the acts will compete on for the title. The stage will also contain augmented reality. This feature has never been used in the competition before. So this is a very exciting addition that will add to the spectacle.

You may remember that 12 months ago we were also in Poland at the Arena Gliwice. The stage was adorned with colourfully lit ribbons. The ribbon motif was was supposed to represent the wind and air much like how a kite flies through the air. Furthermore this was mirrored by each country’s flags being inserted into the kites like they flew in to the arena.

Circles make the world do around.

Creative Director for Junior Eurovision 2020, Konrad Smuga, is bringing audiences a new design that “will create a spectacle that will appeal to the European audience, just like last year.” states the EBU.

Anna Brodnicka, author of the concert’s scenography, was inspired by the rich symbolism of a circle and it’s connection to our lives. Spherical and round shapes will be displayed on huge multimedia surfaces and several hundred light devices will be used to visually identify the competitors as well as take the televised audience into a magical space.

In addition Anna had this to say about the circle motif.

The circle has always been a symbol of perfectness, life and unity. We move around the circle of life… We all experience many changes during this journey: Starting as children, then becoming a teenager and finally moving into adulthood.

Replica Replica Replica…Yeah!

Of course, this contest is unlike any other that came before it. This year the acts will be filming their acts from designated TV studios from their own countries. These will be filmed some time before the final and will go out as live on the date of the final which is 29th November. The stage will need to be built to the specific technical specifications that TVP and EBU have set out. You can see the stage below.

Who are taking part?

These are the currently announced list of countries that will compete for the title.

  • Armenia (ARMTV)
  • Belarus (BTRC)
  • France (FTV)
  • Georgia (GPB)
  • Kazakhstan (Khabar Agency)
  • Malta (PBS)
  • the Netherlands (AVROTROS)
  • Russia (RTR)
  • Serbia (RTS)
  • Spain (RTVE)
  • Ukraine (UA:PBC)
  • Poland (TVP) – the host country
  • Germany (ARD/ZDF/Kika) which is competing for the very first time!

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