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The history of Eurovision Prediction: 2014-2020

The eighth season of Eurovision Prediction begins next month!


For Eurovision Prediction 2018, the game had a brand new home here on An (at the time) unprecedented 218 players took part which more than doubled the previous record of 82 players achieved back in 2016. In addition, it was more than triple the 58 players that took part last year.

In an extremely close competition in which the top 10 were separated by just seven points, it was’s Ryan that took victory but do not worry, his predictions were all validated by fellow team members! Nevertheless, it was all about the grand prize which went to the highest placed finisher not affiliated with 

Therefore it was Alex S. that won the 2018 grand prize, narrowly holding off Emily. A special well done to Johanna S. who secured a third consecutive top ten finish… surely a win is around the corner?

Have a look at the full top 10 and the full scoreboard via our results article below!

1stRyan C. (@RyanCobb__)269
2ndAlex S. (@Lasaxes)268
3rdEmily (@escupd8s)267
4thJeff T. (@lowkeyescfan)266
5thMike S. (@michael_sproutt)266
7thJohanna S. (@johanna7r)265
8thAnthony G. (@anthonygranger2)264
9thJoana (@joanaplucas)263
10thDennsh (@DennshR)262

You can read the full 2018 results here.


2019 turned out to be yet another record-breaking year for Eurovision Prediction! Firstly, we had a tie for 1st and 2nd place – a first for the Eurovision Prediction game. There were 345 of you taking part in the competition, and it was a volatile journey, with the leaders slipping near the end. Oh, the drama!

The top 10 was separated by just 10 points and all top 10 players had predicted between 12 and 16 winners throughout the Eurovision season. James M and Peter P were the joint winners, edging over Jack R by just 4 points. The victory went to James on countback by virtue of making 15 correct predictions, one more than Peter!

1stJames M.245
2ndPeter P.245
3rdJack R.241
4thStephen B.240
5thMathilda S.238
6thPeter D.237
10thNathalie W.235

Have a look at the full list of results here.

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