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The history of Eurovision Prediction: 2014-2020

The eighth season of Eurovision Prediction begins next month!


Despite how 2020 has turned out for us all…it started well! A record-shattering 420 of you took part in the competition over the course of 11 rounds. Like 2020 itself, the game was turbulent to say the least…with a number of upsets causing controversy throughout the course of the game.

In yet another nail-biter, a mere 4 points separated our top two. Both James M and Jeff T predicted 14 winners out of 27, proving that you don’t have to predict everything correct to win. Also note that 5 out of the top 10 have names starting with J…

RankPlayerPointsWinners predicted
1James M22814
2Jeff T22414
3Jonathan M21913
4Grace MT21912
5Anna-Lisa D21911
6Johanna S21811
7Lisa B21713
8Vince P21712
9Stacey P21711
10Jon Z21614

The full leaderboard is embedded in the results article here.


With the 2021 season commencing next month, the Eurovision Prediction 2020 is ready to commence. As teased earlier, we will be kicking off with a just-for-fun Junior Eurovision practice round later this month! So stay tuned if you want to get involved!

We can’t wait to begin… can you? In the meantime, check out our official Eurovision Prediction 2020 Facebook page, our official Eurovision Prediction 2020 Twitter page and keep an eye on the ESCXTRA website and YouTube channel.

We’ve also recently created an ESC Prediction Instagram page, which you should totally also follow.

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