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🇦🇺 Montaigne’s team dubbed potential entry ‘too challenging for a Eurovision audience’

"My team outlawed it as it would be too challenging for a Eurovision audience, which is fair enough."

Back in April, SBS announced that Montaigne will return to represent Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. Having teased a “totally f****d” potential entry ‘JC Ultra’ over the past few months, Montaigne has confirmed that it will not be her Eurovision entry after all.

Back in August, Montaigne posted a string of tweets revealing that she had written and (presumably) recorded a demo for a potential entry, describing it as “totally f****d”.

Then, appearing as a guest on the Dragon Friends Twitch stream in October, she went on to describe what is possibly the aforementioned entry. It was in this Twitch stream that she revealed the title as ‘JC Ultra’.

However, as reported by Aussievision, she has since revealed that her team vetoed the song:

My team outlawed it as it would be too challenging for a Eurovision audience, which is fair enough.

She went on to explain that both the lyrics and the pacing of the song ‘didn’t work’, but she still intends to do a “fun” entry for the contest. But she’s aiming for a “single concept” this time. You can watch the stream here.

Montaigne at Eurovision (so far)

Montaigne was set to represent Australia at the 2020 contest after winning Eurovision: Australia Decides in February. She would have performed the song, “Don’t Break Me”, in the first semi-final in Rotterdam on May 12th. However, she will have to send a new song due to the EBU announcing that the 2020 entries would not be eligible for next year’s contest.

I’m very keen to make new music, to produce a new song and figure out a new performance for next year. I’m sad I couldn’t do this year’s because I thought it was going to be really cool but really happy to get another chance at it… Stay tuned and watch this space because there’ll be stuff to come.


She also said that she was keen to produce her new entry for the contest, and urges people to “stay tuned”. Whether or not we will get to hear JC Ultra remains to be seen, but we hope we do!

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