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🇦🇺 Diane Warren among potential songwriters behind Montaigne’s 2021 entry

"It is a hit! The song is immediately recognisable as a hit."

Having teased “totally f****d” potential entry ‘JC Ultra’ back in the summer, Montaigne confirmed that it will not be her Eurovision entry after all. Now, as the internal selection of her entry continues, she has revealed that legendary songwriter Diane Warren has submitted a song.

As reported by Aussievision, Grammy-award-winning songwriter Diane Warren has submitted a song to Montaigne to be her Eurovision entry:

I had a call with a lady called Diane Warren…. she’s one of the greatest songwriters that time has ever seen… she kind of sent me a song to consider for Eurovision. She was ‘I have this song for you, give it a shot, maybe it’s good for Eurovision’ and it is a hit! The song is immediately recognisable as a hit.

Warren, who has written nine US number-one hits and 32 top 10 Billboard Hot 100 hits, has worked with legends such as Cher, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston.

Montaigne has noted that the song isn’t her usual style, but Warren has given her licence to adapt the song to her:

I don’t know if it’s a style that identify with. She said ‘have it, give the production a shot, it might feel good if you make the production your own’.

However, there is another entry that Montaigne appears to be leaning towards:

But the thing is, I have this other song I wrote that I fucking love, I think it’s so fun, it’s like right up my alley, this style I’ve been trying to achieve for all of this year, basically. So I just have to work on both of them and see which I prefer for Eurovision… and work on other songs as well!

The last time Warren worked on a Eurovision entry was back in 2009, when she worked with Andrew Lloyd Webber on Jade Ewan’s “It’s My Time”. This of course went on to be the UK’s most recent top 10 finish, ending up in 5th place.

We will know Montaigne’s choice by March. We’ll be sure to keep you posted if any more information is revealed.

Montaigne at Eurovision (so far)

Montaigne was set to represent Australia at the 2020 contest after winning Eurovision: Australia Decides in February. She would have performed the song, “Don’t Break Me”, in the first semi-final in Rotterdam on May 12th. However, she will have to send a new song due to the EBU announcing that the 2020 entries would not be eligible for next year’s contest.

I’m very keen to make new music, to produce a new song and figure out a new performance for next year. I’m sad I couldn’t do this year’s because I thought it was going to be really cool but really happy to get another chance at it… Stay tuned and watch this space because there’ll be stuff to come.


She also said that she was keen to produce her new entry for the contest, and urges people to “stay tuned”. Whether or not we will get to hear JC Ultra remains to be seen, but we hope we do!

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