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18th January: Rounding up the latest My Eurovision Scoreboard community

What's the latest rankings from My Eurovision Scoreboard

Welcome to our annual feature where we team up with the My Eurovision Scoreboard smartphone applications to bring you a regular look at the views of their community members. Trust us, this is the ranking to keep track of… the app has been downloaded over 100,000 times!

What is My Eurovision Scoreboard?

For those who are newcomers to the app, My Eurovision Scoreboard is the ultimate rankings app for the Eurovision Song Contest and its junior counterpart with over 100,000 users. Listen to the songs, interactively rank them via the app and share your results with your friends and with the My Eurovision Scoreboard community. The fun doesn’t stop there, as you can also rank every Eurovision national final and every Eurovision Song Contest from the last decade!

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Analysing this week’s statistics

  • 🇪🇪 Estonia – Gram-of-Fun continues to lead the pack, with Uku Suviste less than 500 points away.
  • 🇫🇮 Finland – As the songs continue to be released this week, Oskr is currently taking the lead.
  • 🇫🇷 France Barbara Pravi has a comfortable lead over Andriamad.
  • 🇮🇱 Israel – Ue La La currently has the lead, with La La Love trailing with a 210 point gap.
  • 🇱🇹 Lithuania – Voldermars has a lead of 317 points over Militia, who is currently in second place.
  • 🇳🇴 Norway – Despite the songs for the 2nd Heat only being released today, Raylee has managed to land the top spot.

Latest community rankings

Each week we will take a look at the most relevant national final rankings for that week as well as the overall ranking for the songs headed to Rotterdam! These are the My Eurovision Scoreboard community rankings as recorded from the app at 7:00PM CET on 18 January.

🇪🇪 Estonia

Note: Only the top five are shown below, visit the My Eurovision Scoreboard app for full rankings

Current RankPosition
Current PointsArtistSong
16,288Gram-Of-FunLost In A Dance
25,799Uku SuvisteThe Lucky One
35,118Jüri PootsmannMagus melanhoolia
54,183Koit ToomeWe Could Have Been Beautiful

🇫🇮 Finland*

Current PointsArtistSong
23,795Teflon Brothers x PandoraI Love You
5*7,961DannySinä päivänä kun kaikki rakastaa mua

*The table takes into considerations the entries that have been released so far. Despite not having their songs released, the My Eurovision Scoreboard Users have ranked Laura 3rd and Aksel 4th.

🇫🇷 France

Note: Only the top five are shown below, visit the My Eurovision Scoreboard app for full rankings

110,901Barbara PraviVoilà
39,085PhilippineBah Non
56,099Pony XAmour Fou

🇮🇱 Israel

Current PointsArtistSong
112,525Eden AleneUe La La
212,315Eden AleneLa La Love
311,493Eden AleneSet Me Free

🇱🇹 Lithuania (Heat 1)

Current RankCurrent PointsArtistSong
13,124Voldermars PetersonsNever Fall for You Again
22,807 MilitiaShadows
32,602Black SpikesDon’t Tell Me
42,583AldegundaSit Down
52,536MartynaThank You Very Much

🇳🇴 Norway (Heat 2)

Current RankCurrent PointsArtistSong
24,703Daniel OwenPsycho
34,041Maria SolheimNordlyset
43,585Ketil StokkanMy Life Is OK

Eurovision 2021 rankings

More than 3,272 people have already allocated their points in the Rotterdam 2021 rankings in the My Eurovision Scoreboard app this year. This really will be the most representative fan ranking out there!

We recommend viewing the table below on a desktop computer.

Current RankPosition ChangeCurrent PointsCountryArtistSong
139,264🇦🇱 AlbaniaAnxhela PeristeriKarma

Stay tuned for weekly updates!

Now that we are fully tuned into the My Eurovision Scoreboard community rankings, make sure to check back each week for a unique look at who the Eurovision fan community are rating… or not! Which countries are moving up the rankings? Who are your favourites to win the national finals? Who are the biggest climbers and fallers? You’ll find out everything right here!

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