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πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ Tusse: “Voices has a message of Unity”

Tusse will be making his Melodifestivalen debut this year

In the lead up to Melodifestivalen 2021, we had a chance to speak to the upcoming participants taking part in this year’s competition. We had the chance to speak to 2019 Idol Sweden winner Tusse, who will be making his debut to the competition with the song ‘Voices’.

During our conversation with Tusse, we talked about his experience, competing in signing competitions, where he competed in Talang (Sweden’s version of Got Talent), and winning Idol Sweden. He mentioned that his favourite performance is his cover of ‘How Will I Know’ by the late Whitney Houston.

In addition to singing competitions, we also talked about Eurovision and Melodifestivalen. He mentioned that Christer Björkman, who was a guest judge when he performed Conchita Wursts’s ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’ and told him that he is welcome to Melodifestivalen whenever he wants. Tusse’s participation did not to come to fruition until now.

You are able to find out more about Tusse, his previous experiences and his Melodifestivalen participation in our interview here:

Tusse will be performing 7th on the 3rd semi-final of Melodifestivalen 2021 for a place in the final, which is due to take place on the 20th February 2021.

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