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🇸🇪 Anton Ewald: “This song is perfect for Melodifestivalen” [INTERVIEW]

After "Begging" and "Natural", Anton Ewald is back with "New Religion"!

Before Melodifestivalen 2021 kicks off next week, we had a chance to talk to Anton Ewald, who is making his return after 2013 and 2014. He will compete in the second semi-final with his song “New Religion”! The song was written by Jonas Wallin, Joe Killington, Anton Ewald & Maja Strömstedt!

Anton: “I wasn’t planning on returning this year”

During the interview, Anton revealed, that everything for his entry is made by him. From producing the song to doing the choreography for his performance. Moreover, he also said that he was not planning on returning to the competition but thought “New Religion” would be perfect for Melodifestivalen, so he entered it. Everything in the creation process happened very naturally for him. He describes the song as very uptempo with a lot of energy.

The performance will also be full of energy and he will give it all in those three minutes with singing and dancing! Of course, he is said, that there is no audience because they always give the artist another push.

“New Religion” will not be his only release of this music. He has an EP planned for after Melodifestivalen and he will also release an album with another project. During the interview, he also said, that he probably will stay in Sweden for the year, before going back home to Miami. He also had some amazing recommendations for LA and Miami. So, if you ever plan to go there, definitely check out our interview below.

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