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🇵🇹 Da Chick: “I wanted to make a celebration song to be happy and comfortable”

Busy times for the Eurovision participating countries have just started! Among the whole variety of national selection shows Portugal is going to select their Eurovision entry soon! We had the opportunity to talk to Da Chick about music, Eurovision and Festival da Canção!

Da Chick (real name Teresa Freitas de Sousa) was invited to take part as a songwriter for the Festival da Canção 2021. She also is going to perform the song herself. Check the interview here:

Life and music career

Da Chick is the Portuguese singer, songwriter and producer. The project started in 2009 and her first EP “Curly Mess” was released by Discotexas in 2012. Since then she continues to discover new ways for self-expression and find new vibes through her music. Da Chick is also a proud owner of Best Live Performance Award in Portugal!

Festival da Canção 2021

In the interview Da Chick shared she was so honoured to get a chance to participate this year. The contest is a really important one in Portugal and she’s happy to be recognised this way and to have the opportunity to perform at the Festival da Canção.

Da Chick wanted her entry to be in English and performed by herself so she can deliver it in the best, most natural way. Most of her songs are in English already so Teresa decided to stick to her original style and not to switch to Portuguese this time.

As for the Festival da Canção 2021, Da Chick believes this edition is a really strong one basing on the songwriters list and the presented entries. The variety of songs let us hope there’s something for everyone.

In Teresa’s opinion Salvador Sobral with his song “Amar Pelos Dois” was the best Portuguese entry. It was a risk take still Salvador stayed true to himself and his style.

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