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🇦🇹 PÆNDA releases new single “Lovers We Knew” with a music video

A song about break-up

Austria’s Eurovision 2019 representative PÆNDA released a new single “Lovers We Knew” this Friday. Today the music video for the song dropped.

Listen to “Lovers We Knew”

The song his PÆNDA’s first single release since her 2020 EP “My heart”. On Instagram, the singer told more about the story behind the song.

You know, even though I wrote this song years after a breakup (yup, those words definitely needed a looong time to come together 😅), it still has me every time I listen to it. It’s really odd how people can go from close to totally estranged and someone you thought you knew so well suddenly changes 360 degrees. In hindsight, I’d like to thank this person for making me create a song that reminds me of the fact that I am able to become stronger, even in moments where I’m down on my knees.


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PÆNDA at Eurovision Song Contest

PÆNDA was internally selected to represent Austria at the 64th Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv with ‘Limits’. The singer’s heartfelt and tender ballad performed 9th in the second semi-final and contained a subtle, yet layered and thought-provoking performance captured a range of powerful and relatable emotions. Sadly, the song did not qualify to the final, coming 17th with 21 points.

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