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🇳🇴 “Ut av mørket” will be performed in English at Melodi Grand Prix final

Norwegian broadcaster NRK has confirmed that TIX will perform his Melodi Grand Prix entry, “Ut av mørket”, in English at the show’s final next week. TIX originally performed his pre-qualified finalist entry in Norwegian at the first semi-final in January.

It was originally reported a few weeks ago that TIX was considering performing his entry in English at the final, but at the time he hadn’t made a decision. The final decision wasn’t expected until the day of the final – 20th February.

Sitting second with the bookmakers

TIX goes into next week’s final as second-favourite behind Eurovision 2019 jury winners, KEiiNO, according to the bookmakers. Speaking to NRK, he has said that he is honoured to be one of the favourites in the selection.

It feels very great to know that the people have so much confidence in me and cheer me on, despite the fact that my song has only been performed in Norwegian so far.

– TIX, speaking to NRK

He went on to talk about how important the contest is this year, as people continue to watch the selection shows from home.

Although I hope people consider it a worthy contribution to Eurovision, it is actually the case that this year the most important thing is just to participate and create a good atmosphere for everyone at home. I have to make sure of that!

– TIX, speaking to NRK

Melodi Grand Prix 2021

Just three shows remain in Norway’s selection for Eurovision this year – semi-final 5, the second chance show and the grand final.

The shows continue tonight with semi-final 5, before all the eliminated participants fighting for one final space in Monday’s second chance show.

The finalists so far are:

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