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🇦🇿Efendi’s Eurovision 2021 song has been chosen

Cleopatra’s successor selected

Samira Efendi who will represent Azerbaijan in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 has got her entry, according to Azerbaijani Eurovision media. The entry chosen by the Azerbaijani broadcaster who is responsible for the participation of the caucus nation Ictimai TV (iTV). It is also expected that the song will be announced in March 2021.

Efendi was expected to represent Azerbaijan in 2020 with the uptempo electro-pop song “Cleopatra”. But due to the Covid_19 pandemic however the contest was cancelled and iTV allowed Efendi to compete in the contest in Rotterdam in May.

Six songs stand before us.

As we previously reported there are six songs that formed the shortlist to be in contention to be the successor to “Cleopatra”. These six where whittled down from 229 songs received from the submission window.

The titles of the six competing songs are:

  1. Mata Hari
  2. Ratata
  3. When I’m Gone
  4. Manifesto
  5. Breathing You
  6. Owe You Pretty

As provided by INFE Azerbaijan, it is thought that ‘When I’m Gone’ and ‘Breathing You’ are the two ballads. In contrary, the other four are more up-tempo. One of the songs has been written by the creators of Efendi’s 2020 entry ‘Cleopatra’, consisting of Luuk van Beers, Alan Roy Scott and Sarah Lake.

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