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πŸ‡©πŸ‡° Claudia Campagnol: “My most memorable experience was working with Stevie Wonder” [INTERVIEW]

On March 6th, we will can watch Dansk Melodi Grand Prix and witness who Denmark will choose for Eurovision 2021. We got to talk with one of the candidates. Her name is Claudia Campagnol and she participates with the jazz song “Abracadabra”.

“I discovered my dad’s instrumental jazz albums, those artists became my role models”

Claudia has felt at home in the music world for a long time. She got a love for music with her upbringing as both her parents are musicians. As soon as she could speak, she also started singing. From the age of 4 she plays the piano and later other instruments were added. Her personal favorite is the bass guitar. Claudia lost her heart to jazz music after discovering her father’s albums full of instrumental jazz sounds.

“I discovered Salvador Sobral winning Eurovision and I was in tears”

It is safe to say Salvador Sobral’s win in 2017 had a big impact on Claudia. On most Saturdays, she’s busy performing so she missed some Eurovision editions. One day, her father called her and told her to put the tv on. She saw how Salvador Sobral won and that brought her in tears. On that moment she realised “I want to do this aswell!”.

Listen to Abracadabra

Watch our interview with Claudia

Watch our interview to discovere what else we talked about in this fun conversation!

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