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🇧🇾 Galasy ZMesta to represent Belarus in Eurovision 2021 with “Ya nauchu tebya”

Today the Belarusian broadcaster BTRC revealed that Galasy ZMesta will represent Belarus in Eurovision 2021 with “Ya nauchu tebya (I’ll Teach You)”.

UPDATE: Since publishing this article, the EBU has disqualified this entry from the contest.

The group consists of five members, Irina Sorgovitskaya, Dmitry Butakov, Evgeniy Kardash, Evgeniy Artyukh and Maxim Ponomarenko. They hail from Belarusian city Baranavichy. While the group existed before, it was named Galasy ZMesta just last spring.

The group was selected internally by the broadcaster to represent Belarus in Eurovision 2021. The country will compete in the first semifinal of the contest on May 18th.

Belarus in Eurovision Song Contest

Making their debut in 2004 with “My Galileo”, Belarus didn’t make their first Eurovision final until 2007. In Helsinki, Dmitry Koldun secured a sixth-place finish with “Work Your Magic” – this remains the country’s best result to date.

They have since made five more finals – including, most recently, in 2019 when ZENA scored 31 points in the final, and finished in 24th place overall with her song, “Like It”.

Last year, VAL were selected to take part in the contest for Belarus with “Da vidna” – which would have only been the country’s second song in Belarusian after “Story of My Life” in 2017. Unfortunately, the contest was cancelled and VAL weren’t invited back for the 2021 contest.

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  1. These people are awful. They support fascism and violence against peaceful protests in Belarus. In their songs they laugh at european democracy values. They said that they doubt Belarus as an independent country. In one of their songs called ‘Eurodream’ they joking about European openness and tolerance by singing – “they (read Europeans) want equality and brotherhood, and express their will everywhere, in a quivering impulse of tolerance to put on girl’s dress on a boy”. The song they choose for Eurovision has political message. The phrase from their Eurovision song “I’ll teach you how to dance to my pipe sounds” is a slang and in russian literally means – “Mother you going to do whatever I say”
    Next they sing “I’ll teach you bite a fishing rod” which can be interpreted as – ” I’ll teach you to believe in bullsh..t I say”
    Next they sing ” I’ll teach you to walk on a string” which is also jargon (slang) in russian and means basically the same as the first phrase – “You going to do whatever I order” and after that the last phrase ” You going to be satisfied and happy to everything” doesn’t need interpretation.
    The whole song is basically a political message to protesters in Belarus (that’s why they sing in Russian) that they going to be pressured till death.

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