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🇺🇦 Go_A released revamp + music video of ‘Shum’

A month ago Go_A introduced the song ‘Shum’ as their Eurovision entry for Ukraine. The song lasted a bit too long, but the band assured us that a revamp was coming. It’s out now!

Talkshow on UA:PBC

On March 9th at 6.00 PM, the members of Go_A released the new version of their Eurovision entry ‘Shum’. Right after the premiere, Kateryna Pavlenko and Taras Shevchenko, got invited to talk about the song and the music video live in the studio of UA:PBC with the host Anatolii Ierema. In a previous article, we already explained how the production of the music video went. You can read it here.

Listen to the revamp of ‘Shum’ here


Watch the music video here

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