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🇵🇱 Alicja not approached by TVP to take part in Eurovision 2021

She also added she would like to return to the contest in the future

In an interview with Pomponik, Alicja revealed that she has not been approached by Polish broadcaster TVP to take part in Eurovision 2021. Alicja was due to represent Poland at Eurovision 2020 with the song “Empires”.

The Polish entrant and song for Eurovision 2021 is set to be announced tomorrow (12th March) during the TVP2’s morning show Pytanie na sniadanie. Many names have been rumoured as Poland’s act including Cleo and Rafał Brzozowski.

“Left without any information”

Speaking to Polish entertainment website Pomponik, Alicja revealed that she TVP has not provided her with any information about Eurovision 2021, saying that all the decisions are “happing outside of” her.

I was left without any information for a long time. To this day, I do not know anything about it. I am waiting for official confirmation. I am ready to go to Eurovision. I have a song. It is happening outside of me.

– Alicja, speaking to Pomponik

She added that, after she was unable to compete at last year’s contest, she had hoped she would be able to compete this year instead.

All the time I keep thinking that if we didn’t manage to do it last year, the representative should go in it. I think this is the natural course of things. However, I understand that it is in the sender’s will – sad.

– Alicja, speaking to Pomponik

Alicja said that if TVP did not select her for Eurovision 2021, then she would try to take part in Eurovision again in the future.

Rafał Barzowski for Eurovision?

One name that has been mentioned several times to represent Poland at the contest is Junior Eurovision 2020 host, Rafał Brzozowski. When asked by Pomponik about these rumours, Alicja replied:

I hear so many rumours every day. It is not for me to judge if his performance would be good. If he does go, I will cross my fingers for him. You never know what can work at Eurovision. I will keep my fingers crossed and cheer.

– Alicja, speaking to Pomponik

Earlier this week, Brzozowski confirmed to Polish media that he has submitted a song to TVP for Eurovision 2021. He claims that he has not heard back from TVP.

Poland at the Eurovision Song Contest

Poland made their debut in Eurovision at the 1994 contest in Dublin. Edyta Górniak finished in second place with her song, “To nie ja!”. It still remains as Poland’s best result to date.

Poland has since only made the top 10 on two further occasions – in 2003 and 2016. Ich Troje finished in seventh place in Riga, while Michał Szpak finished in eighth place in Stockholm.

Since the semi-finals were introduced, Poland have qualified for the finals six times (out of a total of 14 attempts). Poland will be hoping to make it a seventh qualification this year, after failing to qualify in 2018 and 2019. Last year, Alicja was selected to represent Poland with her song “Empires”, however the contest was cancelled.

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