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πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί No illegal statements were found in the Russian Eurovision 2021 entry

The singer herself also comments

Several news outlets, including The Guardian, reported about the Russian Eurovision 2021 entry “Russian Woman” being investigated for “illegal lyrics”. However, Russian news agency RIA Novosti reports that “no illegal statements were found in the song”.

No illegal statements found

According to The Guardian, Russia’s Investigative Committee, which probes major crimes in Russia, said it had received a request from a public organisation to probe Manizha’s entry “Russian Woman” for “possible illegal statements”. The Guardian mentions the open letter published by the Russian Union of Orthodox Women, calling for a ban on Manizha’s music video and her participation at Eurovision. The letter says her lyrics incite “hatred towards men, which undermines the foundations of a traditional family”.

It was also reported that Veteranskie Vesti, a site devoted to war veterans, published an open letter to the head of Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, asking him to initiate criminal proceedings into the song. The letter claims that Manizha’s performance was “insulting for Russian women and harmful for the national solidarity”.

Today the state-owned domestic news agency RIA Novosti reported that according to the source from the police authorities, no illegal statements were found in the song.

Manizha replies on Instagram

Manizha will represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song “Russian Woman”. In an interview with, Manizha told the song is about the transformation of a woman’s self-awareness over the past few centuries in Russia.

A Russian woman has gone an amazing way from a peasant hut to the right to elect and be elected (one of the first in the world), from factory workshops to space flights. She has never been afraid to resist stereotypes and take responsibilities. This is the source of inspiration for the song. By coincidence I wrote it on March 8, 2020 while on tour, but for the first time I perform it a year later.

Manizha on “Russian Woman”

Earlier Manizha published her own joke “investigation” as a reaction to the social media comments. There she provides examples of the comments, such as “she’s not just non-Russian, she’s not a human”.

Russia will compete in the first semifinal of the contest on May 18th and Manizha is set to perform her entry on the first half of the show. The complete running order is set to be released soon.

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  1. From Russia with love!
    I support Manizha, she is a wonderful singer who has been dreaming about the Eurovision Song Contest for a long time
    Her time had come…

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