Rotterdam 2021

75% of Live-on-Tape performances have been recorded for Eurovision 2021

3/4 of the performances have been submitted to the EBU, with two more countries due to record tomorrow!

Back in November, the EBU announced that every broadcaster will create a ‘live-on-tape’ recording prior to the event. These will be used if a participant cannot travel to Rotterdam in May due to the pandemic, or in the unfortunate instance of an artist having to quarantine on site. As of Monday, Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen has revealed to that 75% of the competing entries now have live-on-tape performances submitted.

Over the past few weeks, artists have been travelling around the continent (or their home countries) to record their live-on-tape performances. To ensure fairness, all delegations have been requested to perform on stages that can be used to create a uniformed show in the event of a Scenario D contest.

The production guidelines for the live-on-tape recordings are as follows:

  • no audience present at the live-on-tape performances
  • the recording should be unique and remain unpublished before the event in May
  • no augmented or virtual reality, overlays, confetti, drone shots, water, use of chromakey or green screen
  • countries cannot submit national final performances, though they can record on the same set
  • performances much be sent to the EBU within the hour of recording to minimise risk of post-production
  • the “live-on-tape” recordings have to be delivered by the end of March

3/4 of countries have recorded their performances

Due to resources disparities between broadcasters and participating nations, a number of regional ‘hubs’ have been created for multiple countries to record their performances. As collated by Eurovoix, the following countries have publicly confirmed that they have recorded their live-on-tapes, sorted by where they recorded:

Belgrade, Serbia
  • North Macedonia – Vasil
  • Serbia – Hurricane
Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Bulgaria – VICTORIA
  • Cyprus – Elena Tsagrinou
  • Greece – Stefania
  • Malta – Destiny
  • Moldova – Natalia Gordienko
Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Lithuania – The Roop
  • Germany – Jendrik

Meanwhile, the following countries have publicly confirmed that they have recorded their live-on-tapes domestically:*

  • Austria – Vincent Bueno (Vienna)
  • Belgium – Hooverphonic (Brussels)
  • Czech Republic – Benny Cristo (Brno)
  • Denmark – Fyr & Flamme (Copenhagen)
  • Estonia – Uku Suviste (Tallinn)
  • France – Barbara Pravi (Paris)
  • Norway – TIX (Oslo)
  • Portugal – The Black Mamba (Lisbon)
  • Romania – Roxen (Bucharest)
  • *San Marino – Senhit (Rome, in neighbouring Italy)
  • Spain – Blas Canto (Madrid)
  • Sweden – Tusse (Stockholm)
  • Switzerland – Gjon’s Tears (Zurich)

Meanwhile, Azerbaijan’s Efendi and Israel’s Eden Alene are both due to record their performances in Baku tomorrow.

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