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πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί Montaigne reveals Eurovision staging and Live-on-Tape plans

A "fun and cute" performance in Rotterdam

In her latest vlog, Montaigne has teased some details about her staging and Live-on-Tape recording for her performance of “Technicolour” at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. This follows her first live performance of the song at Sydney’s Mardi Gras earlier this month.

The singer, who will represent Australia at Eurovision 2021, said that her Eurovision performance will be “fun” and “ironic in a self-aware way”. Australia are set to perform in the first half of the first semi-final in Rotterdam on 18th May.

A change in choreography

Montaigne revealed in her vlog on YouTube that the choreography for her Eurovision performance will be different to her Mardi Gras performance. She went on to describe the new choreography as “fun and cute and silly and snarky”.

Fun and cute and silly and snarky, that kind of thing, or something like that. Something a bit more ironic I guess, but not ironic in a cynical way, ironic in a self-aware way.

– Montaigne, speaking about her staging plans

The outfits for the performance will be designed and styled by Miriam Sedic and Josie McManis. Hair & make-up will be styled by Michelea Simone and Ricki Crisillio.

“Might end up going to Rotterdam”

Just like all the other 38 artists, Montaigne will record a Live-on-Tape performance as back-up for the contest, in case she cannot perform. She said in the vlog that she will record the Live-on-Tape performance “on Friday”. With the performances required to be in by the end of March, it can be assumed that her performance was recorded yesterday (26 March).

Montaigne explained that her Live-on-Tape performance would be recorded at a studio, which she described as “less technologically advanced” than the Rotterdam Ahoy arena, which she worried “would put [her] at a disadvantage”.

With three attempts to record the Live-on-Tape performance, she hoped to be in good shape for her recording as “that’s my Eurovision performance”. Though she did say that she “might end up going to Rotterdam”, it is possible that Montaigne was alluding to the fact she may not travel to Rotterdam to perform in May.

Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest

Although many Australians have performed on the Eurovision stage, it wasn’t until 2015 the nation took part ‘as a guest’. Guy Sebastian flew the flag with the uptempo ‘Tonight Again’, coming 5th. Due to the resounding success and positive response, Australia have competed in the contest since. In 2019, the EBU guaranteed Australia’s ability to participate until 2023. To date, Dami Im currently holds the crown for ‘best Australian result’ – almost winning the contest with ‘Sound of Silence’.

Last year, Montaigne was selected as Australia’s representative after winning Eurovision: Australia Decides with her song, “Don’t Break Me”. After the contest was cancelled, SBS invited Montaigne back to compete at the 2021 contest in Rotterdam. She will perform “Technicolour” at the contest in May.

Are you looking forward to seeing Australia compete in May? Did you enjoy Montaigne’s Mardi Gras performance?

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