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🇧🇪 Hooverphonic celebrates 25th anniversary with album ‘Hidden Stories’

A few days before their first Eurovision rehearsal, Hooverhonic is celebrating in hometown Sint-Niklaas. Their album ‘Hidden Stories’ was released on May 7th and the band is also celebrating their 25th anniversary.

Listen to ‘Hidden Stories’

The album counts 10 songs including their Eurovision entry ‘ The Wrong Place’.

Mad About Hooverphonic

Alex, Raymond and Geike opened their very own exposition on May 7th. This is to celebrate the band’s 25th anniversary. If you want to visit the expo ‘Mad About Hooverphonic’, you will have to travel to Sint-Niklaas in Belgium. The hometown of the band has a beautiful hall ‘De Casino’ which Hooverphonic gets to use for this opportunity. The band happily shares memories of the careers they’ve made so far. The exhibition will therefore take place in De Casino and there you will see everything related to Hooverphonic throughout the building. At the end, visitors can even count on a surprise.

Geike Arnaert, Alex Callier en Raymond Geerts op de expo over 25 jaar Hooverphonic in De Casino.
Geike, Alex and Raymond at their own expo ‘Mad About Hooverphonic’

Hooverphonic in Eurovision 2021

Flemish broadcaster VRT selected Hooverphonic in the second part of 2019 to represent Belgium in 2020. The band had planned to go to Rotterdam with ‘Release Me’, but unfortunately COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works. However, the group got a second chance and are therefore allowed to represent their country Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest this year. This year they bring ‘The Wrong Place’ and you will see them in the second half of the first semifinal. Will they make it to the final?

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