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🇦🇿 Efendi: “The song is about how to be brave” [INTERVIEW]

As Eurovision 2021 is almost here, ESCXTRA continues their chats with this year’s artists. Simon had the opportunity to talk with Efendi from Azerbaijan before her second rehearsal of “Mata Hari”. She was also joined by Aydan Topchibasheva, the head of press for Azerbaijan, who kindly provided us with English translation of this interview as Efendi replied to Simon’s questions in Azerbaijani language.

Efendi will perform 14th during the first semi-final on May 18. Our team had already reviewed her first and second rehearsals, so you can follow the links and check what they think.

The full interview is below:

Brief overview

In this interview Efendi shared that she tries to follow Eurovision every year and has some songs in her playlist too! She is very proud to represent Azerbaijan for 2 years in a row and keeps in touch with previous participants, especially Eldar (El from El&Nikki, Eurovision 2011 winners).

Simon and Efendi discussed her role models, pets, the performance preparation process, Rotterdam exploring, this year favourites, music preferences, plans after the contest (not only career related but also something personal 😉 ), staging and outfits concept. After the talk Simon asked Efendi some either/or questions so make sure to check her choices!

No doubt Simon decided to ask Efendi about her Eurovision 2021 favourites and these are the options:

Finland is my favourite, Iceland too. Norway, Fallen Angel, yeah? Israel as well.

Efendi on her Eurovision 2021 favourites

As it was mentioned before, Efendi is in touch with some other Azerbaijani representatives and she had already asked them for some advice and tips for the upcoming performance.

We are really close friends with Chingiz (Eurovision 2019). We had a conversation before the recording. Last year he gave me his tips but the most important thing he said to me was “You will live the most memorable moment of your life there so enjoy it”. Also Eldar (El from El&Nikki, Eurovision 2011) said the same: “You will never forget this moment”.

Efendi on tips and inspiration given by the previous Azerbaijan representatives

For sure the image choice has some meaning and this is a part of what Efendi shared about the concept.

It’s close to the image of Mata Hari. Not only the snake but also the large sun. I think the outfits and the staging and the song is about how to be brave at these times. Also there is a link to “Cleopatra”. When I sing “Just like Cleopatra”, the snake appears.

Efendi on the staging concept

By the end of the talk Efendi had something to say to her fans and everyone who is watching this interview.

Thank you for supporting me, for your kind words! I hope I will prove all the support and kind words for me on the stage. The main message is be strong and never let down your inner voice!

Efendi to her fans and everyone watching the interview

What do you think of Efendi’s performance so far? Do you have Azerbaijan as your favourite this year? Let us know! Be sure to stay updated by following @ESCXTRA on Twitter@escxtra on Instagram and liking our Facebook page for the latest updates! Also, be sure to follow us on Spotify and YouTube to see our live streams in the run-up to Rotterdam!

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