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πŸ‡«πŸ‡· Marie Myriam claims Barbara Pravi will not win Eurovision for France

Eurovision 1977 winner is praying for a successor - but doesn't think it's Barbara

Marie Myriam has spoken out about the chances of France at the Eurovision Song Contest this year. France’s last Eurovision winner to date has said that she doesn’t think Barbara Pravi can win the crown in Rotterdam. She made her comments during the TV show Touche pas à mon poste on channel C8, a day before France had their first rehearsal in Rotterdam.

Marie Myriam: “People won’t vote for us”

During the talkshow Touche pas à mon poste, hosted by Cyril Hanouna, the host decided to introduce Eurovision as a new topic. On that segment, he invited several Eurovision representatives to join him: Amaury Vassili, Jessy Matador and Marie Myriam. After speaking about their experiences, they turned to the topic of Barbara Pravi and her song Voilà.

The panel enthusiastically discussed its current status as favourite to win the Eurovision Song Contest. The 64-year old winner of the 1977 contest then said she was eager to get a successor. When asked whether she believed Barbara Pravi could be that, she commented:

Pfff… We can only hope. I just wonder what this song does in support from other countries. But I obviously hope Barbara is winning. I know that she sings it incredibly well. She will do her song, which is a good song, justice. But when I speak for the others who could vote for us… People won’t vote for us.

Marie Myriam on TPMP

2 points in the national final

Marie Myriam’s comments about Voilà as the French entry may not come as a surprise. During Eurovision France – C’est vous qui décidez, every juror in the panel put Barbara Pravi in their top two. All, including Amir, Duncan Laurence and Jean-Paul Gaultier, gave her at least ten points.

There was however just one jury member who decided to put Barbara Pravi in sixth place, giving her just two points: Marie Myriam. In that show, the L’oiseau et l’enfant singer supported more uptempo entries such as Amour fou by Pony X and On a mangé le soleil by Céphaz.

Adding that to her comments about Voilà yesterday, can we perhaps conclude that Marie Myriam is thinking an uptempo song will win the Eurovision Song Contest this year? Or is it down to France being France for her, where she believes no one votes for them because of who they are? She did not clarify her statements in either direction.

What do you think about France and their chances at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021? Can Barbara Pravi win or is Marie Myriam right? Let us know!

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