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🇲🇰 Vasil: “Music is my escape” [INTERVIEW]

As Eurovision 2021 is almost here, ESCXTRA continues their chats with this year’s artists. We invited Vasil from North Macedonia to join our livestream after his first rehearsal. Nathan, Dominik, Tim, Julian and Bente had a chance to talk to him about his upcoming performance, Eurovision journey and many different topics.

Vasil will perform 6th during the first semi-final today, on May 18. Our team had already reviewed his first and second rehearsals, so you can follow the links and check what they think.

You can find the full interview below:

Our team members had a nice chat with Vasil discussing his Eurovision journey this year, the entry and staging ideas, rehearsal process, Rotterdam impressions.

This song came like a message through me and that’s one the coolest and most satisfying things that happened.

Vasil on his current entry

I hold my breath for 8 months until the broadcaster decided to send me again. I’m so thankful for that.

Vasil on his participation chances before the announcement

Afterwards there were some questions concerning the staging ideas because it seems pretty interesting so Vasil told more what is behind the performance we are going to see very soon.

I met Tina and Marie in Tel Aviv, they did staging for Tamara. We had a lot of conversations. I wanted to add some kintsukuroi, a Japanese technique. If porcelain is broken, adding the gold laquer will make it even more beautiful. We wanted to show the vulnerability of all of us. The vulnerability of human journey. Even before the whole chaos with music video and everything happened, to turn darkness into light to help people who have no voice.

Vasil on his staging concept

Within the talk there was a throwback to Eurovision 2019 when Vasil took part in Tamara Todevska’s entry preparation and performance itself as a backing vocalist.

I was also the ghostwriter to the song, I wrote the lyrics for chorus. It was unbelievable and for me it confirmed the fact that I want to do this one day.

I remember one of the last things I told her [Tamara] when it was over was “Good luck to the next Macedonian representative!”… So here we are!

Vasil on his Eurovision 2019 experience

Vasil also spoke a bit about his thoughts on the situation with his music video and on the Eurovision community too.

The love from Eurovision family. This is what power is. This is what standing together means.

Vasil on reaction from Eurovision community

What do you think of Vasil’s performance so far? Do you have North Macedonia as one of your favourites this year? Let us know! Be sure to stay updated by following @ESCXTRA on Twitter@escxtra on Instagram and liking our Facebook page for the latest updates! Also, be sure to follow us on Spotify and YouTube to see our live streams in the run-up to Rotterdam!

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