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⛔ Here’s how the Eurovision 2021 semi 1 non-qualifiers reacted

The moment when the results are announced is full of tension and trauma, drama and disappointment… for those that didn’t make it through to the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. It was a sad moment for six of last night’s entrants in Rotterdam.

Here’s how these six non-qualifiers reacted to their result last night on social media:


Ana Soklič has been reposting stories of people congratulating her on her performance during last night’s semifinal. She has not yet taken to social media to share her feelings about not qualifying, but she did speak to her broadcaster RTVSLO. She said:

It’s the way it is. I still stand behind my song. I’m planning on just moving on with my life now. When it comes to my music, I always have a long term plan and will see what time will bring. I’m happy you were there with me and I hope you’re here to stay. This was a big adventure, but my journey now continues.

Ana Soklič to RTVSLO


Montaigne has been an absolute sweetheart after her non-qualification. In a series of tweets, she expresses her pride at the song and performance she delivered for Australia through a live-on-tape performance. Highlights from Twitter feed today include the message below, as well as her own personal favourite: Montaigne admits to being ready to riot had Ukraine not qualified for the Grand Final. The fact that the love was mutual between Montaigne and Kateryna Pavlenko sparked another reaction. Furthermore, Montaigne expressed her delight at being able to meet (albeit virtually) all these artists.

North Macedonia

If someone has been active on Instagram, it really has to be Vasil Garvanliev from North Macedonia. In countless stories, he shared reactions he got from all over the world. Moments of his performance as well as messages of support, including those from fellow contestant Lesley Roy and former Eurovision entrant Tijana. On his Instagram feed, Vasil called his performance not just a moment in history, but also in MyStory.


Lesley Roy also fell short of a spot in the Grand Final. Her Maps had an interesting staging, but not enough support. Lesley has been very active on social media since her non-qualification. In two posts on her Instagram feed, Lesley states that she has loved representing Ireland for over eighteen months now. In the second post, she speaks of her confusion and how gutted she is, especially because on of the cameras broke down just before she was going to start her Maps.


The shock of last night was the non-qualification for Albina from Croatia. If someone deserves credit for the way she has been handling her shock result, it’s the young Croatian songstress. On her Instagram stories, we can see plenty of messages of support for her and her Tick Tock.

On her feed, Albina reminds us what the most important thing is: Did she make you dancin’? For many fans, the answer to that question was a big yes. She is very much looking forward to the future and what her musical career will bring her. Rightfully so!


Roxen from Romania was a pre-contest favourite, but also failed to qualify. The singer took to her Instagram stories to share her side of her non-qualification. First and foremost, she is very grateful for the experience she had and for the moment she and her team had on stage.

The hug between Vasil and Lesley Roy

During the preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, Covid-19 was the biggest threat out there for the entrants. We’ve seen today what can happen if someone tests positive for the coronavirus, with Iceland being ruled out of a live performance this week. After the show, when both of them failed to qualify, two acts hugged to comfort each other.

Originally from Lesley Roy’s Instagram story, Vasil then reposted it. Twitter user @Priyant1987 posted the images on Twitter. On the picture, we can see Vasil Garvanliev and Lesley Roy embracing each other.

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