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🇨🇾 Elena Tsagrinou signs global deal with Sony Music

Panik Records have licensed “El Diablo” to Sony Music for global distribution

After unprecedented engagement with the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, several artists are finding success across the continent. Several entries are doing incredibly well on streaming services, and eight 2021 entries charted in last week’s UK Official top 100 charts. Prior to the Grand Final, both Destiny and Blind Channel signed deals with Sony Music. Now, Elena Tsagrinou has joined the roster.

Following the ongoing success of Elena Tsagrinou’s “El Diablo” across the continent, Panik Records have announced that the single has now been licensed to Sony Music in a global deal. Across Elena’s live performances and the uploads of the official video, the entry has amassed over 20 million views.

Although some fans may have been disappointed at the entry missing the top 10 in last month’s Grand Final, this deal is a testament to how irrelevant the scoreboard is beyond the contest itself, and has little impact on how artists can boost their careers after Eurovision.

According to the press release, Elena is currently working on her next professional steps, including international shows. Let’s see if Elena will be touring soon in a city near you!

About Elena

Born in Athens in 1994, Elena took part in the talent show “Greece Got Talent” aged 14, reaching the semifinals. In 2013, she was selected by ‘OtherView’ as the band’s lead singer, before embarking on a solo career five years later.

Despite being a ‘fresh face’ for the Greek industry, Elena is signed to Panik Records, and has hits to her name such as “Paratheisos”“Amore” and “Loyia”. Notably, we had reported her expression of interest in Eurovision back in July 2020.

Back in November 2020, she was announced as Cyprus’ 2021 representative. “El Diablo” boasted an international team, from the writers to the styling and staging. Due to misconceptions about the song’s message, the entry attracted backlash from Cyprus’ conservative Orthodox community. Despite this, the song has become one of the most successful Eurovision songs of 2021, hence her signing a licensing deal with Sony Music.

In Rotterdam, she qualified from semi-final one in 6th, before finishing 16th in the Grand Final with 94 points.

You can watch our interview with Elena below:

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  1. \”This deal is a testament to how irrelevant the scoreboard is beyond the contest itself, and has little impact on how artists can boost their careers after Eurovision.\”

    Can\’t tell if this part is supposed to be pro-Eurovision or anti-Eurovision.

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