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πŸ‡¨πŸ‡Ύ Petition launched for ‘scandalous’ “El Diablo” to be withdrawn

A petition to withdraw the song has gained over 2,000 signatures

On Wednesday, Elena Tsagrinou released her 2021 Eurovision entry, “El Diablo”. Despite a positive fan reaction (it is currently the top 2021 song on My Eurovision Scoreboard), there has been some resistance in Cyprus to the song’s themes.

Yesterday, a petition was launched for CyBC to withdraw the song from the contest. At the time of writing it has 2,400 signatures.

Dear fellow citizens, the participation of Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “EL DIABLO” is scandalous for us Christians. Join us in protest. 

Message from the creator of the petition

In addition, Sigma has reported that there have been threats of violence towards the broadcaster as a result of the song. The source claims that there have been been threats to burn down RIK’s head office, which have been reported to the police.

You can watch our reaction to the song below:

CyBC reponds

In response to the controversy, the broadcaster issued a statement to defend the lyrics of the song:

This is the eternal struggle between evil and good. Through this problematic relationship with Stockholm Syndrome, and despite the paranoia she experiences, in the end the truth always shines, she seeks help to get out and shakes the shackles on a path to freedom. Especially nowadays, we hope that the song and its correct interpretation will be an inspiration not only for women but for anyone who experiences similar situations.

CyBC statement in response to backlash from religious groups

About “El Diablo”

As was revealed previously, Elena is described as a “a fresh face of the music industry.” It was also hinted that the composer behind her entry was “a very big name” that would create excitement upon announcement. 

This was referring to Jimmy Joker, who has written songs for Pitbull, JLO, Nicki Minaj and countless other international stars. He is credited alongside Laurel Barker, who wrote three of the entries of Eurovision 2019 (Switzerland, the UK and Germany), and countless national final songs. They are joined on the songwriting team by Thomas Stengård and Oxa.

Back in the summer, it was confirmed by Head of Delegation Evi Papamichael that Marvin Dietmann will be overseeing the 2021 staging. He was of course the stage director of Conchita Wurst’s winning performance for Austria in 2014 with “Rise Like A Phoenix”.

Joining her team this month was acclaimed fashion designer Celia Kritharioti. Celia will be dressing Elena throughout her Eurovision journey, and whose designs can be seen in the music video.

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  1. Cyprus is very much a Christian nation and it\’s absolutely disgusting to come with a song about selling yourself to the devil…

  2. I\’m delighted to see that people get offended by this meaningless song. But apart from the issue of christianity, there are cliches that are highly offensive for the latinx community. When white people use the culture of minorities and exhibit it, that\’s called Cultural Appropriation. I think Europeans should fuck off and stop sexualizing latinxs. It\’s better they start using their own languages to exhibit as many cliches as they like.
    I didn\’t know there was a petition of this kind. I\’m gonna sign it, of course. For different reasons, but I will.

  3. Watch your language! They have every right to start a petition. Of all the great entries Cyprus have sent in the past, this is a new low!

  4. In Revelation of John it is written: The devil makes people building him up , to build an image for him. That\’s exactly what Elena und the songwriters do with this song. No interpretation or explanation necessary! Someone who has eyes, is SEEING.. The making of is building up the Devil without doubts and he is happy, because by this, he can reach many people. What will follow are even more weather desasters! The Climate which is the energy field of our Mother Earth changes because the earth doesn\’t want to bear the dragon or Devil any more.

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