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πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Gemma Collins believes she can win Eurovision for the UK

Is a 'GC' and Bill Bailey or Snoop Dogg duet on the cards?

Reality TV star Gemma Collins has said that she believes she could win the Eurovision Song Contest for the United Kingdom, after they finished last for the second time in a row this year. The former star of The Only Way is Essex has said that she “absolutely loves Eurovision” and would “go there” if she was asked.

She told The Sun newspaper that she would want to perform a duet with either Bill Bailey – who has already thrown his hat into the ring for 2022 – or Snoop Dogg. It wouldn’t be the first time Gemma has released music – she entered the world of Christmas music last year with a cover of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”.

“Eurovision needs the GC”

The reality TV star, who refers to herself as ‘the GC’, added on her BBC podcast that she would compete at the contest if she was asked.

If Eurovision called me up hun, I will go there. Katie Price done it and basically the GC has got to do it next.

– Gemma Collins, speaking on The Gemma Collins Podcast

Clearly though, some facts about the contest seem to allude Gemma Collins. However memorable the performance was, Katie Price never actually made it to the contest. She placed second in the UK’s selection behind Javine’s “Touch My Fire”. Gemma also added that she “wouldn’t be doing a cover song either”… it’s against the Eurovision rules anyway!

Gemma did say, however, that she would also love to host the contest.

I hope that I get to present it one day, that is the dream job. I am obsessed with Eurovision.

– Gemma Collins, speaking on The Gemma Collins Podcast

Time for Gemma to return to music?

After rising to fame on The Only Way is Essex in 2011, Gemma has appeared on many reality TV shows in the UK including I’m a Celebrity, Celebrity MasterChef and Dancing on Ice. She also appeared on a celebrity special of All Together Now – the singing talent show which had previously been won by the UK’s 2019 representative Michael Rice.

Performing a cover of “Big Spender”, Gemma scored 88 points and progressed to the final sing-off. In the final, she placed 3rd after her cover of “This is Me” didn’t score as many points – only 39.

Last year, Gemma returned to the world of music with a cover of the Christmas classic “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, alongside actor and singer Darren Day. As a huge fan of Eurovision, could Gemma actually represent the UK in the near future? Only time will tell.

United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021

James Newman was chosen to represent the United Kingdom at Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam with the song “Embers”. James was originally due to represent the United Kingdom in 2020 with “My Last Breath”, before the contest was cancelled.

In a first under the new voting system, the United Kingdom scored “nul points” in the grand final. This is the UK’s second “nul points” entry after Jemini in 2003. In the televote, 60% of countries placed “Embers” in the bottom two. The UK’s highest result came from the Polish jury who placed the song in 11th place.

Would you like to see Gemma Collins take to the Eurovision stage? Do you think Bill Bailey or Snoop Dogg would be a good duet partner?

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  1. She is much more that type of person we should have, because it does seem as though our selectors have no idea what Eurovision is about. It is a celebration of camp, and regardless of the song, winners have to have stage presence, charisma, and sex appeal, preferably in equal measures. The UK consistently chooses low standard acts without stage presence. There is a reason why we got more normal votes when we had people like Blue and Jade Ewan / Andrew Lloyd Webber representing us. Gemma unfortunately probably doesn’t have the staying power, and Bill Bailey would be more appropriate to represent San Marino, where they like eccentric older men.

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