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🇪🇸 Rayden expresses interest in national final participation

"I didn't feel like it until I saw Maneskin"

Last month, it was announced that Spain would be running a revamped national final to select their entry for Eurovision 2022. Following the announcement of the festival aimed to be a ‘launching pad’ for Spanish music, some exciting acts declared their interest ahead of the submission process opening. Singer and rapper Rayden has recently joined the fold via his Twitter.

Yesterday, we published an article in which Dino Jelušić, the winner of the inaugural Junior Eurovision Song Contest, said that Måneskin’s success has changed his outlook on his own potential Eurovision participation.

He wasn’t alone, evidently. David Martinez Alvarez, better known as singer and rapper Rayden, may well have been won over too. In response to a tweet from Spanish fan site Luxmoments.es about fans listing him in their Benidorm Festival 2022 wish list, he responded with the following:


I’m really looking forward to it. Little joke. In fact, I didn’t feel like it until I saw Maneskin (who are one of my favorite bands from Italy along with Franco126).

Rayden on Eurovision (translated)

Then, in response to a fan asking when he will release his new track, he responded with “in Benidorm”, suggesting that he may well join Ladilla Rusa and Varry Brava in submitting a song to the revived Benidorm Festival.


In response to a fan asking which of his previous tracks he would send to Eurovision, he suggested his February single “La mujer cactus y el hombre globo”:

Whether these statements will materialise into an appearance in the upcoming national final will become clear in the coming months.

The revival of the Benidorm Song Festival

Last week, RTVE announced that a modernised successor of the Benidorm Song Festival will select their entry for Eurovision 2022. To be organised in collaboration with RTVE, the Generalitat Valenciana and the Benidorm City Council, it is intended that the show will run ‘annually’ to celebrate Spanish music.

Although exact dates have not been announced, the selection will take place in February according to Eurovision.tv. In terms of format, like Portugal’s Festival da Canção, the selection will consist of three galas (two semifinals and one final), which RTVE will broadcast live through La 1 and RTVE Play. Details of the submissions process will be announced ‘shortly’. 

Benidorm is a great launching pad for a message: Spanish music to Europe through Eurovision. We want it to be a real and participatory contest, open to all kinds of music. Especially young music.

José Manuel Pérez Tornero, President of RTVE

The President of RVTE reiterated the broadcaster’s commitment to the contest by describing the selection as a “launching pad to win in Italy. The efforts will be to launch the best candidacy.” 

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