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πŸ‡²πŸ‡¨ Monaco rule out Eurovision return in 2022

They last took part in the contest in 2006

TMC, the national broadcaster for Monaco, have confirmed that they will not take part in the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest in Italy. The microstate made their Eurovision debut in 1959, winning once in 1971. They last took part in the contest in 2006, when Séverine Ferrer performed “La Coco-Dance” in Athens.

Monaco becomes the fourth country to confirm their non-participation in Italy next year alongside Belarus, Luxembourg and Slovakia. Other countries including Andorra and Bosnia & Herzegovina have also signalled their intention to not return to Eurovision in 2022.

Another no show for the principality

Last competing in a Eurovision final in 1979, Monaco will – unsurprisingly – not return next year. TMC confirmed to ESCToday that they will not return to Eurovision in 2022 when the contest heads to Italy.

After their withdrawal following the 2006 contest, TMC stated that they believe regional voting blocks between certain countries means that Monaco has practically no chance to qualify for a final. These comments followed a short three-year stint back in the contest when a semi-final was introduced for the first time.

Monaco in the Eurovision Song Contest

Making their debut in Cannes 1959, Monaco has seen mixed success in the contest – with several podium finishes, but also two last places – including on their debut, when “Mon ami Pierrot” scored just one point.

The city-state’s only win came in 1971 when Séverine lead the country to victory with “Un banc, un arbre, un rue”. Storming into first place ahead of runners-up Spain, the song scored 128 points – including six perfect scores of 10 points. Monaco continued to score well in the contest throughout the 70s, finishing in the top five on four more occasions. Despite their success, the country withdrew following the 1979 contest.

Following the introduction of a semi-final, Monaco returned to the contest for three years between 2004 and 2006, finishing in 19th, 24th and 21st place respectively. Their final entry in the contest was “La Coco-Dance”, performed in both French and Tahitian, by Séverine Ferrer.


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