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Israel receives 130 submissions for Eurovision 2022

The Israeli broadcaster claims they got around 130 potential entries to choose from for Eurovision 2022.

130 might seem like a decent number to pick a future Eurovision entry, right? However, according to EuroMix.co.il, this is not the best outcome for Israel. Such number was reached in 2018 as well when Netta won the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Toy”. Nevertheless, the broadcaster recieved more entries afterwards: around 200 in 2019, 250 in 2020 and 220 in 2021.

The reason of such decline? Songwriters believe it’s because of the so-called blind songwriting: the broadcaster ask them to create an entry for artists who are not really familiar to them in terms of music style and vocal skills. However, KAN and Channel 13 efforts to invite the songwriters to The X Factor live shows turned out to be not that successful.

Plans for 2022?

Earlier the Israeli broadcaster announced the submission will take place from September 19 till October 17, 2021.

There is a special committee to check all of the 130 recieved entries. 8 songs will be selected for the finalists of The X Factor Israel to perform during the show. Overall, it should be similar to the selection process for Eurovision 2016. The X Factor final is expected to take place in January 2022, so the same day we will find out the Israeli representative!

Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest

Israel has made a debut at the Eurovision in 1973. During this time the country has won the contest four times. (1978, 1979, 1998, 2018), and has hosted the contest three times (1979, 1999 and 2019).

In 2021 Eden Alene was selected again to represent Israel after the Eurovision 2020 was cancelled. She performed her entry “Set Me Free” in Rotterdam and came 17th in the Grand Final.

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