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Måneskin perform on The Tonight Show and set to open for the Rolling Stones

Måneskin have continued to take the world by storm by debuting on US television, performing on the Tonight Show!

Taking the world by storm

Ever since their victory at Eurovision 2021 in May, Måneskin has continued to take the world by storm. Their meteoric rise to stardom was furthered tonight when the band made their very first US television debut on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show. Even if you’re not an avid follower of theirs, you can’t help but feel immense pride at how far they have come since winning Eurovision, or, as long-term fans might say, since 2017 when they finished as runners up on X-Factor Italy.

Source: @ManeskinOfficial Twitter

Opening for the Rolling Stones

In Fallon’s introduction of the band, we can quickly look past the fact that he named Eurovision as the “America’s Got Talent” equivalent. Let’s not go there. Instead, we can focus on his unbelievably exciting announcement that Måneskin is set to open the Rolling Stones – yes, the ROLLING STONES, in Las Vegas on November 6!! Tickets are available here.

The performances

Let’s cut to the chase. As always, Måneskin gave an electrifying and energy-filled performance of their hit 2017 cover of “Beggin”, which continually garnered cheers from the studio audience. This song has continued to dominate charts worldwide, ever since going viral on TikTok in July this year.

What arguably distinguishes Måneskin from other musical artists is their ability to perform almost identically to the studio version at the same time as making each performance unique. Tonight was no exception, as their live performance elevated the studio version by a mile when Damiano added longer runs, elongated notes and syncopated rhythms to showcase his vocal abilities and perhaps as a nod to how the band’s style has evolved in the four years since they made the cover. Watch the performance for yourself below and see.

If you weren’t satisfied with the fact that they only performed a cover, an exclusive web-performance of their new single, “MAMMAMIA” is available below!

Eurovision recognition in the US

Very few Eurovision winners this century have had the opportunity to showcase their talents in the US. Lordi (Finland 2006) previously appeared on Conan O’Brien, and both Netta Barzilai (Israel 2018) and Duncan Laurence (The Netherlands 2019) have also had stints on US television, appearing on The Today Show and Ellen respectively. One can only hope that Måneskin and their Eurovision counterparts will inspire a future generation of artists that winning Eurovision can really help your dreams come true.

Måneskin’s upcoming concerts

At this rate, there is no stopping Måneskin. They are set for a busy month of gigs, as in the next two weeks, they will be singing to sold out crowds in both New York and Los Angeles and more importantly, opening the Rolling Stones’ concert next month!

However, their stint in the US is only the leadup of what is to be a gig-filled 2022. Their “Loud Kids on Tour” concert throughout Europe in February and March of 2022 has also sold out, but have no fear. They are set to perform in one of the world’s largest venues, the Circo Massimo in July 2022, and numerous rock concerts around the world, one being the Rock in Rio in Brazil next September – and of course, opening the first semi-final of Eurovision 2022 in Turin. We can only look forward to what they do next, as the world is their oyster.

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