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Russia’s Tanya Mezhentseva releases music video for “Mon Ami”

A few weeks ago, Russia held their national selection for the upcoming 2021 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Paris. Once the public votes and jury votes were combined, Tanya Mezhentseva was chosen as the nation’s representative with the song “Mon Ami”. Now, the final version and official music video of “Mon Ami” has been released and you can watch and listen below!

Russia at Junior Eurovision

Tanya previously represented Russia alongside Denberel Oorzhak with “A Time for Us” in the 2019 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, placing 13th with 72 points. The nation currently has two victories to its name with the Tolmachevy Sisters earning first place in 2006 and Polina Bogusevich matching the achievement with “Wings” in 2017. Most recently, Sofia Feskova represented Russia in the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with “My New Day” earning a 10th place finish.

Curiously, this is only the third occasion in which an artist has returned for a second appearance at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The two prior occasions also involved Russia with Katya Ryabova representing Russia in both 2009 and 2011 and Lerika representing Moldova in 2011 and returning for Russia a year later. Perhaps it’ll be third time lucky for Russia with a returning artist in 2021?

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