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Eleni Foureira teams up with Evangelia for Greek version of “Fotiá”

The Eurovision 2018 runner up brings the 'Fuego' to 'Fotiá'

She is the Greek Eurovision legend and she is an upcoming Greek star on the rise, as Eurovision 2018 runner up for Cyprus, Eleni Foureira teams up with a hopeful future Cypriot representative Evangelia to release a remix of Evangelia’s song “Fotiá”

Tapping into the Greek roots with Evangelia

“Fotiá” didn’t start life as a Greek language song! Last year Evangelia released “Fotiá” as a song that blends her Greek heritage from her Grandmother and an American grit as she grew up in New Jersey. With tribal beats combining with Evangelia’s fire vocals, the song lives up to its name. As it speaks of feeling your inner passions in love and life.

Look at the bigger picture.

So why would an American-Greek be teaming up with one of the biggest Greek Eurovision stars in Eleni? Maybe because she is planning her own Eurovision adventure. As she has already presented a bid to represent Greece in Turin, Italy. Unfortunately Greece rejected her bid and now she is hoping to represent the Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus. A bid boosted due to recently signing with the Greek music label Panik Records. Who of course have backed every Cypriot entrant since 2018.

Together with Eleni Foureira, they will perform “Fotiá” at the upcoming MAD Walk event. A showcase event known to give hints as to who Greece and Cyprus have picked to represent them in the contest. Bringing the ‘Fuego’ to ‘Fotiá’, the Eurovision 2018 runner-up adds a layer of Greek culture the Ancient Gods would be proud of.

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