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Take a look at Anna Gjebrea’s rehearsals and the voting details for Albania in Junior Eurovision 2021

Voting is now open for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021! Once again, fans from all over the world can cast their votes for this year’s contest right now. But who should you vote for? To help you decide, let us take you through a review of each artist’s rehearsals and their voting details!

11. Albania: Anna Gjebrea – Stand by You

Performing 11th in this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest live final will be Anna Gjebrea from Albania with the song “Stand by You”. The track’s music and lyrics were written by Adam Watts, Gannin Arnold, Sanni M’Mairura and Endi Çuçi.

The performance of “Stand by You” is set in a classroom, a familiar sight to almost every viewer for Sunday afternoon’s show. The vibrantly designed backdrop comes into a life of its own during the chorus with colourful comic-book style illustrations, totally offset by Anna and her backing dancers being dressed in identical school uniform style outfits. We now know that the cardboard boxes at the back of the stage have been used to spell out a very, very important word for her performance: BULLY. And this word is destroyed during the performance to create a very strong visual effect.

As we saw in the clip from the first rehearsal, the performance is very active and bright with loads of changing backgrounds. It is probably one of the most lively and dynamic in this year’s contest, and a total contrast to some of the entries around it in the running order. Anna joins the dancing from time to time too whilst keeping her vocals steady and clear.

First rehearsal recap

Vote for Albania now!

Votes can be cast via NOW! Viewers from all over the world can vote for three countries.

The first round of voting is open right now and will close at 3.59pm CET on Sunday 19th December, just before the beginning of the live broadcast. Then, voting will reopen during the show for approximately fifteen minutes following the final performance so further votes can be cast.

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