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Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2022 song clips released

Clips of the songs have been released on Instagram

Clips of the 22 songs in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2022 have been released on Instagram. As their famous national final returns, so do many of its competitors. On the list, we see Eurovision entrants Richard Micallef and Jessica Muscat as two of the stand-out names. Check out who else is there below and listen to a part of their entries!


The songs

These 22 will enter a semifinal to fight for a spot on the grand MESC final. In total, sixteen of them will make it there to fight for the right to fly the Maltese flag in Turin next May.

  • Aidan Cassar – Ritmu
  • Baklava Ft Nicole – Electric Indigo
  • Denise Mercieca – Boy
  • Derrick Schembri – II
  • Emma Muscat – Out Of Sight
  • Enya Magri – Shame
  • Francesca Sciberras – Rise
  • Jade Vella – Revelación
  • Janice Mangion – Army
  • Jessica Grech – Aphrodisiac
  • Jessica Muscat – Kaleidoscope
  • Malcolm Pisani – We came for love
  • Mark Athony – Bartolo Serenity
  • Matt BLXCK – Come around
  • Miriana Conte – Look what you’ve done now
  • Nicole Azzopardi – Into The Fire
  • Nicole Hammett – A lover’s heart
  • Norbert Bondin – How special you are
  • Rachell Lowell – White doves
  • Raquel Galdes – Briffa Over You
  • Richard Micallef – Hey Little
  • Sarah Bonnici – Heaven

A comeback for Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2022

MESC 2022 is making a comeback for the first time since 2018. In those years, Malta’s TVM used a talent show to select its entrant before selecting a song internally. It brought them two final appearances with Michaela Pace and Destiny in 2019 and 2021. This year, Je me casse even won its semifinal in Rotterdam before finishing in seventh place in the Grand Final.

Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest

Malta first participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1971 with Joe Grech and his song, “Marija I-Malitja”, which finished in last place with 52 points. They also finished last on their second attempt in the contest in 1972. After a third appearance in 1975, Malta withdrew from the contest until 1991, when they returned and finished in sixth place with 106 points. 

Since their return in 1991, Malta has finished in the top three on four occasions – Mary Spiteri with “Little Child” in 1992 and Chiara with “The One That I Love” in 1998 which both finished in third place, and also Ira Losco with “7th Wonder” in 2002 and Chiara with “Angel” in 2005, which both finished in second place. Malta has not yet won the contest, however.

Following the cancellation of the 2020 contest, Destiny was reselected with another internally-selected entry, “Je Me Casse”. She ended up getting Malta’s best result in Eurovision since 2005, placing 7th with 255 points.

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