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Meet Sanremo 2022 evening one performers

The first 12 performers hit the Sanremo 2022 stage tonight

Mahmood e Blanco

Source: Sorrisi.com
  • Sanremo 2022 entry: “Brividi” (Shivers)
  • Previous Sanremo participation: Mahmood 2 (2016, 2019); none (debuting) Blanco

Mahmood, stage name of Alessandro Mahmoud, needs no introduction to the Eurovision world having come 2nd in 2019 with his iconic and extremely successful entry “Soldi”. Born in Milan in 1992 to an Italian mother and Egyptian father, he started taking music, guitar and piano lessons at the age of 12 and took part to various music competitions. His career started in 2012 when he took part to X Factor and later participated to Sanremo in 2016, when he placed 4th in the Giovani category with his song “Dimentica”. Following his Sanremo victory in 2019 and his second place at Eurovision he took his career outside of Italy performing and achieving success all over Europe including in Spain and Poland. He has released two studio albums and 16 singles so far. This time he is not alone on stage as he will be joined by Blanco.

Blanco is a newcomer to the Sanremo stage and an up and coming figure in the Italian music business. Born Riccardo Fabbriccioni in 2003, he grew up in the northern region of Lombardia. Despite still having a short career that started in 2020, he has already published one studio album and eight singles. His song “My fai impazzire” was a hit in Italy during the summer of 2021, topping the single chart for eight weeks and receiving sextuple platinum certifications.

Massimo Ranieri

Source: Sorrisi.com
  • Sanremo 2022 entry: “Lettera di là dal mare” (Letter from beyond the sea)
  • Previous Sanremo participations: 6 (1968, 1969, 1988, 1992, 1995, 1997)

Massimo Ranieri, born in Naples in 1951, is another household name in Italy with an extremely successful career that started in 1964. He returns to Sanremo for the first time since 1997 when he finished 9th with “Ti parlero’ d’amore”. He also won the 1988 edition of the show with the song “Perdere l’amore”. He has sold over 14 million records worldwide, making him one of the most successful Italian performers. Throughout his career he has published 31 albums and 36 singles. Besides being an influential singer, he has also had a prolific career as a a theatre actor, performing in over 40 plays, many of which he directed himself.

Michele Bravi

Festival di Sanremo - Michele Bravi presenta, in esclusiva per Raiplay, "Inverno dei fiori" - Video - RaiPlay
Source: Raiplay.it
  • Sanremo 2022 entry: “Inverno dei fiori” (Flowers’ winter)
  • Previous Sanremo participations: 1 (2017)

Michele Bravi was born in Città di Castello in central Italy in 1994 and came to prominence following his victory of the seventh edition X Factor Italy in 2014. His song “La vita e la felicità” written by Italian superstar Tiziano Ferro earned him the top spot of the charts and he has reached the top 10 in the charts on multiple occasions. The winner of two MTV Italian Music Awards, he has released three albums and 15 singles and collaborated with a variety of artists, including James Blunt. He has also written a book and starred in miniseries and a movie.

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