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Festival da Canção 2022 running orders announced

The first semi-final will take place on Saturday 5 March

Back in December, RTP announced both the semi-final the split for Festival da Canção 2022, and the dates of the televised shows. Last month, the 20 competing songs were released. Last week, the running orders for the semi-finals were published.

Along with the songs, we finally discovered the artists who will be performing at the festival, as we previously only knew the composers behind the entries.

Last week, RTP released the running orders for each of the semi-finals.


Semi-final one

  1. Os Quatro E Meia – “Amanhã”
  2. The Mister Driver – “CaliSun”
  3. Diana Castro – “Ginger Ale”
  4. FF – “Bom Esperar Alguém”
  5. Norton – “Hope”
  6. Aurea – “Why?”
  7. Kumpanhia Algazarra – “A Minha Praia” 
  8. Maro – “saudade, saudade”
  9. Valas & Os Astronautas – “Odisseia”
  10. Fado Bicha – “Povo Pequenino”

Semi-final two

  1. Os Azeitonas – “Solta a Voz E Canta”
  2. Cubita – “Uma Mensagem Tua”
  3. Inês Homem de Melo – “Fome de Viagem”
  4. Syro – “Ainda Nos Temos”
  5. Pepperoni Passion – “Código 30”
  6. Milhanas – “Corpo de Mulher”
  7. Vampiro Submarino – “Ao Lado de Mim”
  8. Jonas – “Pontas Soltas”
  9. Blacci – “Mar No Fim”
  10. Pongo & Tristany – “Dégrá.dê”

About Festival da Canção 2022

Once again, the selection will consist of two semi-finals, with five songs qualifying from each semi-final. The Grand Final will be held with ten competing entries on March 12, the winner will be determined by 50% televote and 50% jury voting.

Unlike previous years, all three shows will take place within two weeks of each other, the dates are as follows:

  • Semi-Final One – March 5
  • Semi-Final Two – March 7
  • Grand Final – March 12

Of the 20 entries, 16 are from composers who were personally invited by RTP, while four were selected from over 600 submissions from an open call. Previously, there were only two slots for such entries.

Sónia Araújo and Jorge Gabriel will present the first semi-final.

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