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AVROTROS tease S10 song reveal with Eurovision stars

New Genius entry suggests "De diepte" as title

Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS have released a video teaser for their Eurovision entry. In the video, five former Eurovision stars had the honour of listening to the S10 song before anyone else. The first two conclusions are hardly a surprise: A ballad, which is completely in Dutch.

S10’s entry: “A good sad song”

The video features five former Eurovision entrants. It includes three Dutch singers, being 2019 winner Duncan Laurence, 2020 and 2021 entrant Jeangu Macrooy and Greece’s 2020 and 2021 singer Stefania Liberakakis. Furthermore, César Sampson (Austria 2018) and Gjon’s Tears (Switzerland 2020 and 2021) had the privilege of listening to the entry.

Gjon’s Tears confirmed that the song is indeed in Dutch, with César Sampson stating the chorus is hard to sing along to, but “catchy nonetheless”. Duncan Laurence went on to add that S10 uses specific words in the chorus which should also work in English. Guitars will also feature in the chorus, says Jeangu Macrooy.

The lyrics also make up an important part of the song. Duncan advises everyone to “google the sh*t out of the lyrics” to make sure you understand them, with Gjon firmly believing a good song can be in any language. Jeangu loved it and calls the Dutch entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 “a good sad song”.

Yesterday, AVROTROS already revealed a short snippet of the official video for S10’s Eurovision entry. It shows S10 raiding the fridge. At the end of the clip, it seems it’s S10 herself who takes a seat in the fridge… The tweet also confirmed when the song will premiere: 3rd March at 11:15 AM CET. It will be played live on radio first, with a premiere also taking place in the Koninklijk Theater Tuschinski in Amsterdam.

“De Diepte” for S10?

Several social media users have spotted a new entry on lyrics website Genius today. The new entry suggests a potential title for the Dutch entry for Turin. According to those users, the song will have the title De Diepte. In English, that would translate as “The depth”. The Genius page is currently empty, but does come up on a Google search. This might suggest that De diepte will indeed be the title of entry The Netherlands have chosen for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

Back in December, the broadcaster announced that S10 would be representing the Netherlands. S10, stage name of Stien den Hollander, is a rising star in the alternative scene of the country. Her music discusses personal and difficult topics, such as her own struggle with mental health.

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