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Vladana releases Eurovision 2022 entry “Breathe”

Montenegro’s Eurovision entry for 2022 has been released. Singer Vladana Vučinić has revealed “Breathe”, which she will perform in Turin.

Vladana Vučinić will be representing the nation of Montenegro at Turin this year. She was selected internally as the Montenegrin artist two months ago, and today she released her song “Breathe” after the Montenegrin broadcaster staged a reveal show called ‘Montenegro Dodici Punti’.

Vladana and ‘Breathe’

Vladana was born in Podgorica, Montenegro. Her grandfather, Boris Nizamovski, was Head of the Association of Stage Artists of Macedonia. Vladana studied music at both primary and secondary level, before graduating in journalism from Montenegro’s State Faculty of Political Science.

She started her musical career from a national karaoke show in 2003. In the mid-00s, she competed in Montevizija 2005 and 2006. She released several singles and then an album Sinner City in 2010, but since taken a step back from the music scene. In the interim she has been the founder and editor of online fashion magazine Chiwelook (Čiviluk).

“Breathe” is her first commercial single in 12 years. It is produced by Darko Dimitrov, who has worked on 11 Eurovision entries in the past, with “Breathe” his 12th.

“Breathe” was originally dedicated to Vladana’s mother, who passed from COVID-19, and is now dedicated to all the victims of that disease:

Breathe is originally dedicated to the most important person in my life who lost her battle against Covid…

A woman who made me who I am today and gave me all the talents I possess. This is an homage to all the victims worldwide and their families who went through HELL when their dearest fought for breath, and even today, there are still a lot of them… I can hear you, I can feel you, and I stand by you with this song! They could have lived longer, and now they are numbers, statistics 😔 We should not forget them…

Mom, I’m heartbroken that you couldn’t breathe, but I hope you will hear me and that “our souls will meet again” 🖤

Vladana Vučinić

Listen to “Breathe”, Montenegro’s Eurovision entry for 2022, now:

Montenegro in the Eurovision Song Contest

Montenegro return to Eurovision 2022 after last participating in 2019. They missed the 2020 and 2021 contests due to financial difficulties, but confirmed their participation for 2022 in October. They selected Vladana to be their entry on January 4th, two months before revealing the song.

It is the sixth time Montenegro have performed an entry in English at Eurovision. Thus far, they have not qualified with an English song, although they have only qualified two times overall, in 2014 and 2015. Vladana will also be their first solo female entrant since 2009.

In 2019, D Mol failed to qualify to the Grand Final for Montenegro with the song “Heaven”. This topped off a 4-year streak of failing to reach the Eurovision final.

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