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National finals revisited: Which country was represented the most in the juries?

Four countries on the joint first place

As previously mentioned, 28 countries used some form of national selection when choosing their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. Many of them also used the help of international jury. But which country was represented the most in these juries?

Nordics and 2022 host country on top

In four countries members from Finland, Norway, Italy and Iceland were represented in the international jury. For example in Estonia, Finland’s only Eurovision winner Mr. Lordi was part of the jury. The Head of Iceland’s delegation Felix Bergsson helped both North Macedonia and Spain choose their entries, while Iceland’s Eurovision 2021 representatives, Daði Freyr and Árný Fjóla were among the jury members in Czech Republic and Ireland respectively.

KEiiNO’s Alexandra Rotan was the only foreign jury member in Australia. The Eurovision 2022 host country Italy was represented in the jury in San Marino, Sweden, Finland and Estonia.

Two big five countries follow

Spain, Czech Republic and United Kingdom were represented in the juries of three countries. In Finland, Spain’s Eurovision 2002 representative Rosa López was the spokesperson for the Spanish jury, with the jury including 2019 representative Miki Núñez and 2011 representative Lucía Pérez.

Albert Černý of Czech Republic’s Eurovision 2019 representatives Lake Malawi was the spokesperson for the Czech jury in Finland, while the 1981 winner Jay Aston of United Kingdom’s Bucks Fizz was part of the international jury in the Czech Republic.

Swedish citizens were represented in three countries as well, but in Czech Republic, Victor Crone was portrayed under the Estonian flag, as he represented Estonia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. Tusse, who also performed during the Icelandic national final, was among the jury members for the final of Söngvakeppnin.

United States and Andorra also represented in the juries

The Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Ireland, Australia, Israel and United States were represented in two countries each. For example in France, Switzerland’s Eurovision 2021 representative Gjon’s Tears was included in the jury. The jury in Estonia included to American songwriters, Jonathan Perkins and Scarlet Keys.

Natalie Horler of Cascada, Germany’s representative in 2013, was also among the jury members in Estonia, while their Eurovision 2021 representative Jendrik gave out Germany’s points in Finland. The former Head of Australian delegation, Paul Clarke, gave out Australia’s points in Sweden’s Melodifestivalen.

Several countries were represented only once in the international juries of the Eurovision 2022 national selections. In San Marino, Andorra’s Eurovision 2009 representative Susanna Georgi was part of the five-member jury, consisting mostly Italian members. From the countries not currently competing at Eurovision, Hungary was represented in Estonia by former Head of Delegation Lőrinc Bubnó.

The Latvian broadcaster LTV will reveal the names of the members in the jury of Supernova only after the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. Apart from the national selections, also Switzerland used a 23-member international jury when picking their entry for Eurovision 2022. This jury included multiple former Eurovision artists.

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