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Sam Ryder’s live on-tape recording completed in Sofia

The United Kingdom has recorded their back-up tape for this year. Sam Ryder’s live on-tape recording has been completed for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. Sam and the BBC team completed the on-tape recording of “Space Man” in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Live on-tape recording

As part of the BBC Eurovision promotion tour, Sam Ryder has been in Bulgaria to promote his entry “Space Man” ahead of Turin’s contest in May. While there, he has completed the live on-tape recording now required by EBU regulations.

The live on-tape ensures that all entrants will be able to perform at the Eurovision shows in the semi-finals and the Grand Final. The live on-tapes will be used in the event that a performer tests positive for COVID-19. If a COVID-19 diagnosis prevents performers from traveling to Turin, all of the entrant’s Eurovision performances will use the live tapes. If a positive test occurs during rehearsals, then all shows from that point on will use the tape performance.

The United Kingdom is one of eight countries that will film their live on-tape performance in Sofia. Seven of these countries are working with Marvin Dietmann, Dan Shipton, or Sacha Jean Baptiste, while the 8th is Greece.

The countries all have 3 attempts over the course of a given hour, to record an acceptable live on-tape recording for the EBU. They are given unlimited rehearsal time by the EBU. If it is required, it is then up to the individual broadcaster which one is used.

Lee Smithurst, working for the BBC, had this very positive reaction to the filming:

Promotion tour in Sofia

While in Bulgaria, Sam also appeared on Bulgarian TV to promote “Space Man” to an international audience. He performed on the Bulgarian late night show ‘The Nikolaos Tsitiridis Show’. You can watch the performance below:

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