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Estonia’s Stefan talks about the new meaning of “Hope” [INTERVIEW]

Ahead of his performance at Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam, we caught up with Estonia’s Stefan. We discuss his song “Hope” and how the meaning of the song has changed over the past few months, as well as his experiences at the pre-parties so far.

Hoping for a brighter future

Stefan’s song “Hope” has been given a double meaning since the situation in Ukraine. He performed an acoustic version of his song during the solidarity protest in Estonia, and it has made the song more personal for him.

At first, I would say that Hope is about hoping for a brighter future. But right now I would say, due to the situation in Ukraine, that Hope gets another message. It became much stronger. I would like to dedicate the song to Ukrainian people who suffer for us, and I can’t imagine how they feel, and I am so sorry for them. I want to let them know that we are with them, I hope that this will end very fast. Everyone wants peace in the world.

Stefan will represent Estonia in Eurovision 2022 in Turin. He will perform as 12th in the 2nd Semi-Final on Thursday the 12th of May.

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