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Slovenia’s LPS talk about “Disko”, prom, and their journey from Ema Freลก to Turin

Ahead of their performance at this year’s Eurovision on Concert, we caught up with Slovenia’s LPS to talk about their Eurovision journey and their song “Disko”! (And yes, they did miss the Tel Aviv pre-party because they had prom. But they had fun!)

A big difference in the sound and the meaning of the lyrics

The band discussed their song “Disko” in the interview. It has an upbeat sound, but the lyrics are actually quite sad. They describe it as “contrasting”.

There’s a big disconnect between the sound and the meaning of the lyrics. It’s a really fun, upbeat dance song, and the lyrics are a bit on the sadder side. It’s actually about a breakup or the feelings you experience during cheating.

Their journey to Eurovision

LPS started out by entering Ema Freลก, the Slovenian competition ahead of the national final where unknown artists can participate.

We had no expectations, but then we came to the national final. We didn’t think much of it, we were like ‘we reached our goal’. We are very thankful to our fans for getting us that far. We were like ‘this is it’, but then we won. It’s a surreal feeling.

Bente van Leijden

I have watched Eurovision every year since 2009, and have become actively involved in the fan culture since 2016! My favourite genre in Eurovision tends to be rock, but I am not opposed to pop songs or ballads at all. If the song is good, I will like it :) As an Amsterdam native, I am very lucky to visit Eurovision in Concert each year. In 2021, I was even lucky enough to attend 5 Eurovision shows in Rotterdam!

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