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Dutch viewers report votes not being counted

Dutch votes have seemingly been rejected once again, after voting issues in 2021.

Dutch viewers of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 have reportedly once again experienced issues with voting. These issues occurred Saturday evening during the Grand Final.

Voting issues

The voting issues are unlikely to impact the votes significantly, but the news still comes as a disappointment as Dutch viewers allegedly experienced the same issues in 2021. Hundreds of people reported that they received messages saying that their votes had not been not processed successfully. In addition, they also reported that their votes were not counted because votes were received too late, when in actual fact they did vote on time. You can take a look at some text message failures from 2021 here.

As reported by RTL Boulevard, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) provided some clarification on this issue for the 2021 complaints. However, no further update has yet been provided. At present, the EBU’s stance is that the issue currently lies with the Dutch branch of telecommunications company, T-Mobile. It is unclear how many voters were affected by this, nor whether it impacted the final Dutch televote.

At the time, T-Mobile was uncertain of the reason for the problems, but has reportedly returned the money to the people that unsuccessfully attempted to vote.

S10 in Turin

Despite issues with voting, the Dutch public can arguably come away from the 2022 contest with immense pride over S10’s performance. Overall, she finished in 11th place in the Grand Final, securing 171 points. S10’s 171 points comprise of 129 points from the national juries, and 42 points from the public. You can relive her emotional performance of “De Diepte” at the Grand Final below.

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