New Music Friday – this week with The Rasmus, Blanco, Eleni Foureira, Pia Maria and more!

Ten of the best new songs from Eurovision artists!

Anna Vissi ft. Daphne Lawrence – ‘Aíma’

A three-time Eurovision veteran, Greek-Cypriot legend, Anna Vissi is back once more with a new single. Here in ‘Aíma’ or ‘Blood’, Anna introduces us to fresh new blood in young singer-songwriter Daphne Lawrence. Together young and old combine in a fresh Greek anthem about a past love that still boils their blood to think about. As well as making sure that lover regrets leaving, while they showcase fashion creations from Thierry Mugler, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Paco Rabanne in the music video.

Blind Channel – ‘Don’t Fix Me’

After scoring a continental hit with their Eurovision 2021 entry, ‘Dark Side’, Blind Channel wasted no time capitalising on their success with new music. So far the Finnish band have released, ‘Balboa’ and ‘We Are No Saints’ in 2021, and ‘Bad Idea’ earlier in 2022. In December 2021, they announced the European Sick & Dangerous tour. The album Lifestyles Of The Sick & Dangerous is due to be released 8th July, ahead of the tour dates in Europe. This new album is their first with a major record label, after signing an international record deal with Century Media Records. New single, ‘Don’t Fix Me’, is another catchy anthem, about living in the moment.

‘Don’t Fix Me’ continues the theme of brokeness, featured on the upcoming album. However, this time we decided to be empowering and uplifting and wrote something people wanna scream while having the craziest time of their lives. This song is the soundtrack for the wildest parties and the cure for the day-after’s hangover.”

Blind Channel speaking to Rock Sound.

LouLou Lamotte (The Mamas) – ‘Hela vägen hem’

Many will know LouLou Lamotte as one-third of Swedish Eurovision and Melodifestivalen group, The Mamas. Who have moved us through music and harmony with anthems such as, ‘Move’ and ‘In The Middle’. Although together they are a holy trinity of soul, from time to time they do also give each other space to explore solo opportunites. This time LouLou gives us the whistful, ‘Hela vägen hem’. A gentle melodic Swedish language song which means ‘Always Come Home’. Laced with Country vibes, as LouLou reflects on love and realising that the right person will always be home.

‘The song came to a day when I felt alone. On social media you are fed with grandiose declarations of love and out on the street you see couples holding hands or just looking at each other so it sparkles in their eyes. And then you sit there yourself and long to get home to the warmth of another human being who makes everything feel a little brighter, a little better. The song is about the hope of maybe finding that special thing in a partner, and about the feeling of having found home. “

LouLou Lamotte
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