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Anna Vissi and Daphne Lawrence shed blood on new single “Aíma”

Three time Eurovision entrant Anna Vissi has released a new single. The new song is called “Aíma“, the Greek word for ‘Blood’. Vissi has collaborated with upcoming Athenian artist Daphne Lawrence on the track.

“Aíma” in red

On their new single, Anna Vissi and Daphne Lawrence discuss a lost love. In the lyrics, we hear Anna Vissi and Daphne Lawrence sing how the other has paralysed them and how the ‘blood is still dripping’ after all these years. The official video, which the duo released soon after dropping the song on streaming platforms, shows the blood and love theme clearly. In the video, the colour red is dominant.

Nikos Karvelas has written the song. That is no surprise, though, as Anna Vissi has developed into his muse over the past decades. The pair were even married for a while, but continued their musical partnership after their divorce.

Anna Vissi at Eurovision

Anna Vissi has represented Greece twice at the Eurovision Song Contest. In 1980, she took to Amsterdam together with the Epikouri on “Auto Stop”. Her second Greece outing came in 2006 as the home entrant in Athens with “Everything”, where her fall to the knees caused an immense cheer from the audience. In 1982, she had her best Eurovision result, this time for Cyprus. Her entry “Mono i Agapi” finished fifth.

Now 64 years old, Anna Vissi is still one of the most iconic singers on the Greek music scene. For “Aíma”, she has teamed up with an upcoming artist. Daphne Lawrence is a young singer-songwriter from Athens. She currently has a few singles to her name, but the collab with Anna Vissi is one of the biggest feats in her career.

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