National finals revisited: From BESS to Eline Noelia [Part 3]

The Eurovision 2022 season is officially over. Ukraine emerged victorious in Turin and left the rest of a phenomenal line up behind. However, we all know that some songs have been left in the fields of the national final season… We’ve had to leave them behind to instead move on with songs other people liked best.

So, we take a trip down a short memory lane. It’s only been a few months, but we want to highlight some of our favourites. In the next few weeks, we’ll revisit the Eurovision national finals, with each of our partaking editors sharing one of their favourites.

Today, we’ll see Isabella Tang, Gil Laufer, Sean Sieczka and Constantinos Christou sharing their favourites… Check it out below and click through to the next pages to see them all!

Isabella Tang:
BESS – Ram Pam Pam (Finland)

After Finland’s success with Blind Channel in 2021, where the band achieved the country’s first top 10 result since Lordi, it is perhaps not surprising that they opted to replicate their success with the rock genre by sending one of Finland’s most beloved rock bands, The Rasmus. However, whilst “Jezebel” grew on me massively, BESS was my favourite in UMK – arguably one of the year’s strongest National Finals. I was personally devastated when Europe lost the chance to see such a charismatic and powerful performer grace the stage.

I honestly believe that BESS would have been a better choice for Finland for numerous reasons. Firstly, it has been 12 years since Finland has sent a song in their native language (not including in Swedish 10 years ago). Whilst it could be said that the message of the song wouldn’t have been as easily translatable as Jezebel, English songs are not a measure of success at Eurovision at all. In fact, I think it would have been refreshing to hear an empowering female track in the Finnish language. In particular, the chorus is infectiously catchy. It lyrically depicts the beating of a drum (or heart, metaphorically) – no translation required there! Plus, the attitude that BESS exuded, not just in the studio version but also in her UMK performance of her pop-electro track would have arguably stood out amongst the sea of ballads we had in the Grand Final this year. I’m now just holding out hope that we get to see BESS return in the future, as I am all here for it.

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