National finals revisited: From Jaguar Jonze to Tanxugueiras [Part 4]

The Eurovision 2022 season is officially over. Ukraine emerged victorious in Turin and left the rest of a phenomenal line up behind. However, we all know that some songs have been left in the fields of the national final season… We’ve had to leave them behind to instead move on with songs other people liked best.

So, we take a trip down a short memory lane. It’s only been a few months, but we want to highlight some of our favourites. In the next few weeks, we’ll revisit the Eurovision national finals, with each of our partaking editors sharing one of their favourites.

Today, we’ll see Alyce Collett, Justas Buivydas, Tom Ryan, Nathan Picot, Wivian Kristiansen and Micheál Linden sharing their favourites… Check it out below and click through to the next pages to see them all!

Alyce Collett:
Jaguar Jonze – Little Fires (Australia)

When the Aus Decides artists were being revealed and their songs were being released, I was at first delighted that Jagur Jonze had returned, but then once ‘Little Fires’ was released, I began to realise the strength in the entry.

By the time the actual show had come around, I had realised this was our strongest option to get a good result at Turin. Most of the field were just not strong songs, while Voyager’s song was just too similar to the winning song from last year and as much as I loved G-Nation’s song, I just didn’t think ‘Bite Me’ could stand up in a Eurovision field as well as ‘Little Fires’ could.

As much as Sheldon’s song had the emotional pull to it, it is just too similar to many of the songs we have sent in the past. I’ll never forget back in 2018, all the talk post the contest was about how we kept sending the same kind of song over and over again. So thank god we sent something very different in 2019!

Anyway, not only is ‘Little Fires’ a better choice than ‘Not the Same’ in terms of variety of song, but the staging options… There were so many more options SBS had at their disposal with ‘Little Fires’, that could have told the story for the casual viewer much better then what we saw with ‘Not the Same’. Because you have to remember, the casual viewer likely did not get the full story behind ‘Not the Same’ because you had to do some research to know that.

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