National finals revisited: From Jaguar Jonze to Tanxugueiras [Part 4]

Tom Ryan:
ELYSA – Fire (Estonia)

Placing 3rd in this year’s Eesti Laul, my pick from this year’s national finals is ELYSA’s Fire. Despite not making the contest, the song remains a firm favourite on my Spotify playlists with its catchy Latin-inspired beat (I love a good Latin-inspired national final entry!).

Even though I loved Hope and had it in my top 10 for this year’s contest, I think ELYSA would have been a challenger for a position in my top 3. It’s feel good, it’s a toe tapper, and I’ll be blasting it out of my speaker all through the summer. There’s nothing to really fault with this entry – a great strong beat, good vocals and an unmistakable pop sound.

Okay, we might have heard calls of “Fuego 2.0” as we do with any female Latin-esque pop number, but does it matter? Absolutely not. This song is great in its own right (though it could have probably done with slightly stronger staging in the Eesti Laul final!). Let’s hope to see ELYSA back in an Eesti Laul selection in the next few years and hopefully she’ll be flying the Estonian flag at the contest somewhere soon.

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