National finals revisited: From Jaguar Jonze to Tanxugueiras [Part 4]

Micheál Linden:
Tanxugueiras – Terra (Spain)

Benidorm Fest was jam-packed with many outstanding songs. It didn’t take too long for the public to back their favourite artists in the National Final. Ultimately, it was Chanel with her explosive anthem “SloMo” who danced her way to take the Benidorm Fest trophy. Chanel beat out a long list of strong competitors. One, or three I should say, of these are the girls from Galicia: Tanxugueiras.

Tanxugueiras were an early fan favourite following the release of all the songs. Their Eurovision attempt “Terra” captured the attention of not only Spain, but all of Europe. Their ability to sing a song in the Galician language with the lyrics “no hay fronteras (there are no borders)” displays how impactful they were in making the whole nation, and not just Galicia, fall in love with them. Tanxugueiras brought something that no other act could bring: language diversity. This is something that I think Eurovision needs because embracing diversity should apply to languages and regional cultures also.

I may be biased due to my love for Terra but I believe Tanxugueiras would have done very well for Spain this year. Who knows if they would have achieved a higher result than Chanel? I like to believe that they would have!

That’s it from us when it comes to the final batch of few national final songs we wanted to revisit once more. We hope you’ve enjoyed this little series!

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